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ERF-UNDP and BDPC together arranged the “Workshop on Strategic Planning” on 23-24 June 2013 at the conference room of BDPC. The workshop was organized by the SLDPGP project of BDPC. Most of the participants arrived before the scheduled time and registration was taking place. Initially the Director of BDPC Mr. Muhammad Saidur Rahman gave the welcome speech and inaugurated the workshop formally. Later on Ms. Khaleda Yasmin, the Project Coordinator of SLDPGP introduced the project briefly on power point presentation slides.

The technical session of the workshop was into several sections with two consecutive daylong working days. SLDPGP project’s detail breakdown of activities was demonstrated in the workshop by incorporating necessary corrections by the Project Officer, Monitoring and Documentation Officer and IT Officer. Ms. Seeta Giri, Programme Manager and distinguished participants from ERF-UNDP and BDPC’s project personnel were also present in the workshop by affording their feedback and suggestions. The workshop was facilitated by Shuvashish Chandra Mahanta, Project Coordinator, BDPC. The main objective of the workshop was to synchronize all the activities with responsibility and time for mapping the SLDPGP project.

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