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The Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Centre (BDPC) was established in 1992 as Bangladesh’s first independent, local NGO focused solely on disaster risk reduction (DRR). Devastating floods in 1988 and a cyclone claiming 138,000 lives in 1991 highlighted the need for a shift from post-disaster response to pre-disaster preparedness. Although billions had been spent on relief and recovery, communities remained vulnerable and under prepared for the next disaster. BDPC set out to put vulnerable communities at the centre of disaster management, adopting a community-based approach, complemented by advocacy, policy advice and knowledge sharing.

Twenty years later, change is evident. Disaster risk reduction has been integrated into policies and practices, disaster management committees have been formed from national to local levels of government and public awareness programs have been established. BDPC has been one of many players in this process of change, alongside the Government of Bangladesh and numerous local and international NGOs.

But there is still a long way to go, with millions of people being affected each year by floods, cyclones, drought, riverbank erosion and storm surge.

BDPC is continuing its strategy of community empowerment, knowledge promotion and advocacy. We work with national and international donor agencies to ensure that communities drive their own disaster preparedness, best practices are shared across the disaster management field and the Government of Bangladesh is well-informed of the needs and capacities of disaster-prone communities.

Legal Status/Registration

BDPC is a not-for-profit entity and registered as a Non-Government Voluntary Organization with the NGO Affairs Bureau (No. 1043, dated 27.05.1996) of Bangladesh.

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