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Our mission

BDPC aims at reducing the risks of people vulnerable to disasters through empowering them to establish their rights.

Our vision

Reduction of loss of life and property caused by natural hazards

Our values

  • Change from the bottom up

Reducing the risk of disaster is a basic human right. It is not acceptable that thousands of homes and livelihoods are lost each year, when the resources and knowledge are available to avert these disasters. Sometimes it is simply a matter of repairing a damaged embankment or ensuring effective dissemination of warning messages. Working with vulnerable communities and local government service providers, we facilitate the planning and implementation of local disaster risk reduction plans, enabling communities to take control of their own risk management with the support of an accountable and proactive local government. 

  • Keeping it local

As the only Bangladeshi national level organization dedicated solely to disaster risk reduction, BDPC aims to ensure that local capacity for disaster management is not compromised through over reliance on external assistance. Our capacity building activities develop the skills and knowledge of local DRR practitioners, promoting professionalism in the field of disaster management in Bangladesh.

  • Sharing knowledge for global best practice

Global best practice for disaster risk reduction requires input from a multitude of sources. The latest scientific knowledge must be complemented by the experiences of vulnerable communities, while political players and NGOs need to turn the knowledge into action.

BDPC is an active participant in global disaster management networks and events. As well as keeping our own knowledge up to date, this enables us to share internationally our experience of community-based disaster risk reduction in one of the world’s most vulnerable nations.

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