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‘We should be focusing on reducing the risks posed by disasters besides conducting meetings every month”, stated Mr. S.M Ferdous, the Chairman of Betmor Union at the Tree Plantation Ceremony held on 14 September 2014. Betmor is a small union under the Mathbaria Upazila of the Pirojpur District. The union is adjacent to the sea; as a result the chances of being affected by natural hazards are highly increased.

Before the intervention of the project, SLDPGP, this UDMC used to conduct irregular meetings. The project through its activities such as trainings, orientations and workshops has capacitated the members of the UDMC. Now Betmor UDMC is considered to be one of the most aware and functional DMCs. The Chairman has decided to organize meetings on the 15th of every month in presence of all the 36 members of the committee.

In a meeting of 15 July 2014, the UDMC decided to plant palm trees along the road of Betmor Union. The Chairman said the trees will be planted for 20-25 km along the road and will play an imperative role in disaster risk reduction. Two months after the decision was taken, Tree Plantation Ceremony was held in Betmor Union on 14 September 2014. Mr. Ahsan Habib the Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) of Mathbaria, Mr. Roshmoy Mondol, Agriculture Officer and Mr. Lutfur Rahman, Freedom Fighter were present at the event.

 The UNO addressed the initiative as innovative and helpful in reducing vulnerability of the communities. He added that he appreciates such work and thanked the Chairman and members of the UDMC.

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