“I will try not to beg anymore; rather invest my labor to run my small business on my own”- said Taslima, who live in Gulishakhali village of Nishanbaria Union, Morelgoinj. Taslima is a daughter of 70 years old motionless mother, a sister of a 23 years old mentally-handicapped autistic brother and a mother of 5 years old daughter member of ward beneficiaries group.

Divorced and barely primary school passed self-uncontained 32 years old Taslima was used to run her family by begging around the village market for years. Poor people from Ward-7 have selected Taslima as the member of ‘Sachetan Dal’ of BDPC-CAB project. Consequently, she received livelihood support in last April 2012 from the project. Each and every beneficiaries of BDPC-CAB project has the freedom of choices, how and where they want to use the financial assistance after following the well thought-out guideline.

Taslima has chosen to purchase cosmetics (Exclusively female items) from Upazila market and selling those in different known villages in Nishanbaria. Within two weeks she made a profit 700 taka and within three weeks it’s raised to 1100 taka and in that mean time, she did not beg to anyone for surviving. Taslima bought 20 kilograms of rice for her family and deposited monthly installment to their group’s saving account. Ecstatically, Taslima expressed her feelings to correspondent that “My business is going well, I cried when I bought rice with my own earnings, I do not want to ask for assistance from poor villagers and I must try to continue my business hard and soul”.