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Shah Alam, a member of Ward-7, Nishanbaria Sachetan Dal (beneficiary group), lives in close proximity of Sundarban mangrove forest for generations. A poor social worker, Shah Alam has no fixed income source to run his small family. He used to drive wooden cart, catch fishes from nearby canals surrounding by Sundarban and provide labor for living.

BDPC’s arranged different program opened his eyes like orientation on DRR, CCA, Good Governance and Sustainable livelihood. He got to learn about the adverse impact of throwing away the dead animals into water bodies. Villagers wholly depend on canal water to wash their cloths and dishes, bathing, cooking and some even drink this water. Most of the villagers throw their cattle’s dead body into canal, who are also depend on this water hugely for their daily need.  It’s imperative to reduce water and air pollution. After knowing all these, Alam started to dump dead animals below the earth surface to reduce water and air pollution. Presently, he has been spreading the message among unconscious villagers to burying dead bodies instead of throwing outside.

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