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Honufa Begum comes from an insolvent family from Jewdhara Village of Ward 9 in Nishanbaria Union. She does work in agriculture field along with her family members. As they did not follow the proper cultivation process, every year the production of the land were affected by insects. Honufa Begfum participated at livelihood related training arranged by BDPC.


There she has learnt about perching method and applied in her field to protect crop from insects. Perching (a pole or rod set in and around cropland, usually horizontal, serving as a roost for birds) is an environmental friendly manner to reduce insects without using pesticides. Local bird’s primary food is invertebrates.

Therefore setting wood stick uniformly in and around cropland can help birds to sit and reduce the number of pest. Not only insects, but also rats are eaten by owl during night time. Honufa applied perching method and found the encouraging result and her neighbors are adopted this techniques for protecting crops. By implementing her learning from the trainings, she has brought changes in her locality and contributed to increase production.

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