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Kutubdia is an Island under the District of Cox’s Bazar. A devastating cyclone heat this sea surrounded Upazila in 1991. Almost 20,000 people died to this disaster. After the disaster, the Government of Bangladesh and various other organizations helped to bring the normal life in the community by providing different types support and cooperation in that area. All types of Government Service Organizations ensured their service according to the Government commitment. But it’s unfortunate that most of the people of Kutubdia are now deprived of those services. The qualities of service that are provided by different organizations are below the standard, especially the service of Health and Family Planning Centers are very disappointing.

To remove these sufferings and to ensure the rights of the people, Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Centre (BDPC) is implementing RRDPRG Project with the support of Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) in Kutubdia. In relation to that, on 03 September, 2012, BDPC organized the Implementation the Opening Ceremony of the Citizen Charter of Kaiyarbil Union Health and Family Planning Center. Around 500 people attended that Opening Ceremony. 

Kutubdia Upazila Chairman, Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer, Upazila Family Planning Officer, Headmaster of Kaiyarbil Ideal High School, Inspector of Kaiyarbil Union Health and Family Planning Center and Union Chairman were present as guests in the function.

At the Beginning of the ceremony, the speakers discussed about what is Citizen Charter, what are its objectives and explained which services are the rights of the people. Then the UNO asked the present community people about whether they had to pay money or face any kinds of hassle in receiving the services from the Health and Family planning Office. All the people started to shout about their sufferings regarding this issue. At one stage, the UNO himself started to calm the people himself. Then UNO asked explanation to the HTO officers regarding the matter. Present audience again started to shout as the officers resume their explanation. Then the UNO said to the people that if any Officer asks money from you to provide service, you can directly complain to me and I will take immediate action. The UNO gave his personal mobile number (Mobile No: 01716 152 808) to the audience and said that you can call me anytime regarding this issue. He said to the Officers that it’s the right of these people to receive service from us.

All the Officers, Upazila Chairman, UP Chairman also gave commitment that if any sort of complain is given regarding receiving the service; they will also take actions instantly. The present crowd showed appreciation by giving a huge round of applause.

After the ceremony, people said that Citizen Charter will play an important role in establishing their rights. If today’s commitments are fulfilled in the future, we will make protest in the future. People coming from other Union said that it is important to start Citizen Charter in all the Unions as well. People said that the Citizen Charter is the new light of hope in ensuring the right of general people.

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