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Chowhali is an Upazila located on the bank of Jamuna River under the District of Shirajgonj. Regular flood, river bank erosion are the common problem of this area. The standard of education and health and the service provided by Government Organization is really disappointing in this area due to regular flood and river bank erosion. To remove these sufferings of the people of Chowhali, Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Centre (BDPC) with the support of Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) is implementing RRDPRG Project in Chowhali Upazila. As the sequence of that, on 26 September, 2012, BDPC organized the Implementation and the Opening Ceremony of the Citizen Charter of Chowhali Health Complex. Around 400 people attended that Opening Ceremony. 

The Upazila Chairman, Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer, Upazila Family Planning Officer, Union Chairman and Leaders from different political parties were present as the guests. At the Beginning of the ceremony, the speakers discussed about what is Citizen Charter, what are its objectives and explained which services are the rights of the people. After that the community people, administrators and political leaders spoke about the problems of the Health Complex and how to achieve the solutions of those problems. They also discussed about what will be the responsibilities of the Administrators, community people and the political leaders if the services are not provided from Upazila Health Complex according to the Citizen Charter.

On 30 September, a 08 year old child was injured accidentally as the fishing hook pierced his lip and a 45 year old woman cut her hand and as they came to hospital for the treatment, they found the Emergency Department locked. In that situation, they tried to communicate with the Resident Doctor and the Medical Officer as the on duty Medical Assistant of the Emergency Department was not present at the hospital. The relative of the patients and the local people became furious as they were not provided the expected service from the hospital and start protesting against the injustice. They said that, the Emergency Department should be kept opened for 24 hours according to the Citizen Charter and on 26 September, the Authorities of the hospital have given their commitment of providing highest service to the people. The local people imprisoned the Resident Doctor and the Medical Officer of the hospital and demonstrated procession around the hospital. Later on, the Local Community Administrator and the other Officers of the Hospital came to hospital and made the people calm down and freed the Doctors. After that they ensure the quick treatment of the patients and they assured the people that this type of incidents will not be occurred in the future.

The local people said that, Citizen Charter has helped them to know about their rights and now they are more aware and conscious about establishing their rights.

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