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Hasina Begum

Most. Hasina Begum is a permanent resident of 04 no. Ward’s Karim Sikder Para of 02 no. South Dhurong Union in Kutubdia Upazila Island under the District of Cox’s Bazar. She is a Change Agent (CA) of Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Centre (BDPC) in her area and by profession a housewife.

On 04 and 05 April, 2012, BDPC arranged the Information and Service Fair with support of Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) in Kutubdia. In this fair, Hasina Begum came to know about different service providing organizations, their activities and what services they provide. In that fair, Officers from different organizations gave their commitments of providing services to the people of Kutubdia.

On 06 July, 2012, Hasina Begum’s sister-in-law, Mahbuba Islam (Anika) suffered heavily by diarrhea. Hasina Begum immediately took her to the Kutubdia Govt. Medical Hospital and got her admitted in the hospital. The doctors prescribed 06 bags of saline and instructed the nurse to push a couple of injections to the patient. The on duty nurse asked money for the medicines to Hasina Begum. But Hasina Begum refused to give any money to the nurse and started protesting as the nurse keep asking for the money for the medicine. She said to the nurse that, from the Information and Service Fair, she had came to know that it does not cost anything to receive the service from the Government Service Providing Organizations and the Health Officers had made given their commitments in ensuring the free service to the people. By her support, the other patients also got better service.

At one stage, Hasina Begumsaid that if would go to the THO or UNO to make complain if the nurse does not provide the service at free of cost. Still the nurse kept asking money from Hasina Begum. Seeing this, Hasina Begum started to go to the THO. The nurse stopped her and requested Hasina Begum not to give complains to the THO against her. The nurse then ensured all the medicine at free of cost and provided all the services that were instructed to her. The patient was admitted for 04 days in the hospital and Hasina Begum did not had to pay the money.

Hasina Begum said BDPC and its Information and Service Fair have given us the strength to fight for our rights. I got the service that I wanted. She also said that if the people do not get conscious and aware about their rights, they will always be deprived of all the services that they deserve to get.

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