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The underway Lakurtala canal has been selected as part of the LDRRAP implementation, in Ward-9 of Khaulia Union. The discussion on this canal re-excavation been raised in different consultative meeting by respective stakeholders.

BDPC and Khaulia Union Parishod have signed a MoU in during in January 2013. Both the concerned organization agreed to share following portion for the re-excavation programme:

  • Khaulia UP: 500,000 BDT from annual development programme (from the Ka-Bi-Kha / Food-for-Work programme)
  • BDPC: 320,000 from BDPC-CA project.

In order to mobilize rest of the required fund, BDPC and Khaulia UP together will be communicating with national level concurring actors. Khaulia Union Parishod has submitted one application to CDMP to manage required fund for canal re-excavation with budget (pre-work - prepared by PIO, Morelganj).

Profile of Lakurtola Canal:

Geographic Location: Village- Khejurbariya, Ward – 09, Union – Khaulia Union, Morelganj

Length: Approximately 2400 feet (800 meter)

Width: 20-25 feet (excluding bank’s width)

Depth: 07-08 feet (depends on soil structure)

More or less, 800 families would be directly benefited by canal excavation. All the necessary preparations were completed during the fourth quarter of second project year. As the field was filled with seasonal crops, earth cutting will start by end of February 2013.

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