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On 13 June 2013 (Thursday) at the Conference Room of ERF-UNDP office, the SLDPGP project staff Introduction Meeting was held between ERF-UNDP and BDPC. The meeting was commenced by the address of warm welcome by Ms. Seeta Giri, Programme Manager of ERF-UNDP. Mr. Muhammad Saidur Rahman the Director of BDPC acquainted and discussed about the intent of the meeting.

Afterwards the meeting was preceded as per its preset agendas shared by the Project Coordinator. Brief introduction of the project team, funding updates, progress and partnership between ERF-UNDP and BDPC etc. were discussed in the meeting. Later on various activities regarding the early recovery theme was presented by the Project Officer of ERF-UNDP and also discussed various technical issues of the project. Distinguished participants from ERF-UNDP as Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, Information Management Specialist, Volunteer Mobilization Officer, Capacity Building Specialist, Account & Finance Officer and BDPC’s project personnel were also present in the meeting by affording their feedback and suggestions regarding the project and to grace the day. Programme Manager of ERF-UNDP expressed his gratitude with vote of thanks to all the attendee of the meeting. 

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